Trained in saponification, the NGO GAGE-MALI believes in the courage and capacities of disabled women in Mali !

The NGO GAGE-MALI initiated a saponification training for disabled women from the Association of Physically disabled on June 10, 2020 in the conference room of the Malian Network of Associations of People Living with HIV / AIDS in Bamako.

In Mali, women with disabilities are doubly marginalized. They are victims of prejudice, bashing, and even violence. Most of them, illiterate beg or are locked in the house for lack of self-confidence and overprotection from the family. Those who have had the chance to join associations generally work in income-generating activities in order to ensure their empowerment. It is this framework that the NGO GAGE-MALI initiated this training.
The modules were among others :
Definition of soap ;
Source of soap ;
Types of soap ;
Soap making ...

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