The Review of Gender and Disability Policies

The National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone has reviewed two policies on Gender and Disability

The National Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone has launched the Gender and Disability Policies on the 4th of September, 2019 at Golden Tulip Hotel in Freetown. They reviewed these policies because both of them had become absolute and they are not up to recent development of Gender and Disability issues in the country. In 2007 general elections in Sierra Leone, National Electoral Commission started an inclusive election wherein temporary ramps were constructed on buildings that were not accessible for persons with disabilities. In 2018 during the general elections in Sierra Leone, they moved further by employing all Assistant Voter Education Training Officers (AVETO) as persons with disabilities across the country. The United Nations Development Programme supported the National Electoral Commission to develop these policies and European Union sponsored the launch of these policies across the country.

These policies have helped both vulnerable people to hold the National Electoral Commission for not implementing the things that are in the policies. The policies gave women and persons with disabilities to monitor National Electoral Commission on the implementation of these policies.

The policy gave persons with disabilities their rights to have temporary job and permanent job at the institution.

Written by : James Abraham George

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