Sensitization on the Coronavirus to deaf children at the Center of Agla

This Thursday, March 18, 2020, the Center for the Promotion of the Initiatives of the Deaf of Benin (CPISB) better known as "Center of the deaf of Agla" carried out awareness-raising activities in the places of the students of the center on the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now , a global worry Coronavirus spares no one regardless of your origin, race, economic situation and even continent. Faced with this situation, the Executive Director of the Center for the Promotion of Deaf Initiatives in Benin (CPISB), Mr. LOKO ROKA William, undertook sensitization on the pandemic.
A commendable action because gathering places are are risky such as schools, financial structures, public places, etc . By breaking down the barriers of accessibility to information for people with hearing disabilities, the managers of this center are preventing the pandemic by raising awareness of the behaviors or attitudes to be adopted by all.
Click on the link below to view awareness in sign language :

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