Promoting a decent job for persons with disabilities in Togo : people of Sagbado Sensitized on.

The population of Sagbado,a township in the western suburbs of Lomé, was sensitized Saturday, April 28, 2018 in Lomé, on decent job for persons with disabilities in Togo.

This meeting is in assets of National Organization for Accessibility, Work and Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Togo (NAWEPD-Togo) in collaboration with Association on Aid to Children with Hearing-impaired and Deaf of Togo (AACHDT ).
It is part of the implementation of : "Decent job for disabled people in Togo" project led by the Federation of Disabled people ’ s organization of Togo (FDPOT) with the technical and financial support of several partners. It aims at raising awareness and informing people about improvment of people with disabilities economical situation. It was also getting people accepting, including, and working together with persons with disabilities, for equal opportunity as others by giving them necessary means to make a decent job.

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