Liberia, December 3, 2011 : NUOD with Partners Observes IDPD

The National Union of Organizations for the Disabled and the Human Rights Disability Task Force in collaboration with their partners (HI, AIFO, UNMIL-HRPS, Carter Center, National Commission on Disabilities) held a two-day consultative conference in commemoration of the 2011 International Day of Persons with Disabilities, under the following Theme :
Together for a better world for all : including persons with disabilities in development ”.

The Union planned two days activities beginning 2nd to 3rd December 2011 with inter-active discussion on four key thematic areas to capture critical action points that will enable the Union through a resolution to engage development partners, policy makers and the Liberian Government.

The celebrations highlighted speeches by various speakers including Mr. Deree K. Johns, Guest Speaker and a veteran advocate and disabled himself who has been and continues to be in the advocacy vanguard on issues of disabilities, called on the national government to create opportunities for persons with disabilities and challenged persons with disabilities to desist from beggary. “I have been disabled for 44 years and have never begged and it saddens me when I see disabled begging in the streets especially those that are gainfully employed” he averred.

Parade in the principal street of Monrovia by PwDs and partners, wheelchair race and sweeping of Broad Street, a principal street in one of the trade districts of the City of Monrovia was given a face lift by the joint participation of the disabled community and street sweepers of the City Corporation of Monrovia climaxed by an in-door program at the Saint Theresa Convent Hall on Randall Street, Monrovia, Liberia.

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