On Wednesday 10 June 2020 Gambia federation of Disabled executive Board met with GOVI officials, the purpose of this GFD/GOVI Meeting is between a DPO and the Umbrella Organisation is purely over Office Space which Gambia Federation Of The Disabled occupies. The Building/Office The Federation occupies is measured 9 meters by 10 Meters. The said building was financed by Voluntary Service Organisation which committed 4000 Pounds and the rest of the finance was provided by Ministry Of Education.

The Said building is on the occupation of Memorandum Of Understanding which stipulates the fact that, The Federation shall occupy the said building for 10 Years and after the ten years, Govi as a DPO shall own the building.
The fact is that, now, GFD As umbrella federation has exceeded the ten years now. This means, the building the federation is occupying shall now be owned by a dpo called Gambia Organisation Of the Visually Impaired GOVI.
GOVI now wrote a letter to The Federation reminding them of the MOU Which both parties signed.
In light of the MOU, Both GOVI as a DPO and GFD as umbrella Organisation agreed that ;
1. Either the MOU is renewed for another longer period free of charge or ;
2. For the building to be rented to the federation which the federation shall be paying either monthly, Six monthly or annually.
In light of the foregoing, Gambia Organisation Of The Visually Impaired GOVI agreed to push the decision and renewal of the MOU until next year when GFD will be expected to be on its feet.

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