On Saturday 18 July 2020, The board of the Gambia federation of the Disabled had a day workshop with article 19 in collaboration with GIEPA to discuss the feasibility of starting business that were identified by persons with disabilities under the article 19/ EU project to make them economically independent and empowered.

The workshop is lead by two Experts from GIEPA ie. Momodou Drammeh and Sadibu Jammeh. The purpose of the workshop is to analyse the five listed businesses for the income generating activities economically viable for Persons With Disabilities. Some of the five listed businesses proposed by Persons With Disabilities are ;
Restaurant operation.
Gardening with Milling Machine.
Specialised sowing
Beauty and Artwork.

Out of the five list identified thereof, it is recommended that, each is ideal with different categories of PERSONS With Disabilities ;
For example ; a particular business may be feasible for visually impaired, another business for heard of hearing, another butsiness for physically challenged and other categories of disabilities.

According to Mr Drammeh of GIEPA Valid proposition is the reason why people will buy the product. Is the reasons to show the business should go on.
In spite of all these identifications above pertaining to the income gererating activities for persons with disabilities discussed today, the two experts of GIEPA have taken notes of same. The activities discussed in this gathering will be analysed by the experts and later, will advise as to which income gererating acvities will be achieved and sustained by persons with disabilities make them economically independent and empowered..

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