In light of the rapid spread of the Covid1-19 Pandemic which can be possibly be transmitted from one person to the other by getting closed to another, The World Health Organisation (WHO) introduced and cautioned Social Distancing Practices as one of the means of preventive measures against it. Of course, the world over are practicing this guidelines. By virtue of this guideline, most of the employers have schale down their staff by drastically reducing the number of the employees/staff from going to work daily because of the fear of transmission of the pandemic. Today, in most institutions, only a few go to work with the fear of being infected of the Covid-19. Pursuant to this, Employers have also introduced Webinars and Online Conference Calls and Chats just to mitigate the rigors of the circumstance. Now, staff and employees work from a distance by being at home to exercise office works without necessarily present in their offices.

It is against this backdrop that Gambia Federation of Disabled being so much concerned with the health, protection and well-being of its staff now subscribed and adopted the introduction of online conference call by subscribing to the Zoom App with its partners such as Article 19 EU Project and United Nations Development Programme to discuss activities related to Covid-19 and future activities.
In order to put and realise the effective implementation of communication strategy as new means of communication, yesterday, the federation’s staff and the board members actively participated in the said Zoom Online Conference call at a meeting with its partner herein called Article-19. At this meeting, Continuous Advocacy through Television Stations, Writing Letter to Ministry Of Justice and Ministry for Women, Children and Social Welfare about the status quo of the Disability, Coming up with amended work plan and income generating activities amongst other programmes were discussed.
In summary, it was clearly evidenced that, The Executive Director of Article-19, herein called Fatou Jagne Senghor, Deputy Director, called Alfred, Legal and Policy Assistant herein called Bintou Jaiteh, Treasurer called Adama Sarr, Chairman of the federation, Magistrate Krubally, Admin Assistant, Maimuna Jallow and Programme Coodinator Rod Hawes attended and participated in the conference call.
In conclusion, what this portrays is that, Persons With Disabilities are indeed technologically talented to amend, change and introduce new communication strategies as means of changing what it means to be with disabilities.

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