Since 1997 up to date, The Gambia is indisputably governed by a Supreme Law called The 1997 Constitution Of The Second Republic Of The Gambia which set forth the inherent dignity and fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens. These rights and freedoms shall be accorded and upheld by the government and all authorities. The said Constitution envisages equal treatment and non-discrimination against any person

By extension, Section )31) Subsections (1, 2 and 3) in the Constitution guarantees the rights of Persons With Disabilities in terms of Education, Employment and Health. In addition, the said constitution provides that ; In any judicial proceedings in which a Person With Disability is a party, the procedure shall take in to account his or her condition. In spite of the recognition of these inherent rights Persons With Disabilities yet are with the notion that, they are not enough. PWDS have strong feelings that their rights, needs and aspirations must be broader than those narrow ones encapsulated in the 1997 Constitution in its Section cited above.
Furtunately, there has been change of Government in December 2016 when Gambians legally elected new president. This change of government introduced a new Constitution of the Third Republic Of The Gambia in which Persons With Disabilities this time around were consulted to have their voices and imputs. As a result, the first draft was written and when it was out for review, Persons With Disabilities read through it and yet pointed out observations therein.
This time around, must of the needs, aspirations and rights of Persons With Disabilities such as education, health, employment, rehabilitation, representation at the National Assembly by two seats and many other rights are encapsulated in Section (58) of the new Constitution of The Gambia. All Persons With Disabilities are happy that, their rights and freedoms are broader in this new constitution as opposed to the 1997 Constitution of the Second Republic Of The Gambia.
In light of the foregoing reviewed of the new constitution by PWDS, came up and developed a position Paper which was recommended to the drafters to take in to account.
The said position paper is herewith attached for further consideration.

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