9 People excluded from Census

Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo - Information Services (LISGIS) provided Wrong statistical data in 2018 about persons with Disability in Liberia.

In 2018, the Government of Liberia denies disable people from making input in the data collection process of the Census that they were unable to identify the various localities, were disable people lives.
On this background, the institution LISGIS, based on their report to government of Liberia feel Persons living with disabilities was insignificant for the inclusion in the development process of Liberia.
Numerators was not able to conduct numeration in other disable living places through out the Sixteen south Political Division in Liberia. which the Government did not implicate a plan to include disable in its development plan.
There were no record mention about disable People in the 2018 Population Census. See (LISGIS) 2018 report ;
The Liberia 2018 Population Census was a clear discrimination of person with disable and complete contradiction to (UNCRPD) of Article 31.

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