National Seminar hosted by the National Union of Organizations of the Disabled (NUOD) gathering key stakeholder, national and international activist on disabilities to discuss the human rights based model for disabilities.

Disability Rights Activist and Former Malawian Minister of Disability, Rachel Kachaje has called for a stronger relationship between persons with disabilities and the government to address countless challenges encountered by persons with disabilities in Liberia.

She made the remarks at a disability seminar hosted by the National Union of Organisations of the Disabled in collaboration with AIFO-Liberia, with technical assistance from the Alliance on Disability. As a panelist during the seminar, Kachaje said the government is the main stakeholder of the disabled community,and, as such, it should be involved in the development of policies, programs and projects intended to give hope to persons with various forms of disabilities. “people with disabilities need someone to encourage them, so they can stand on their own and fight for their rights, because disability issues are about human rights. Government must mainstream disability issues in all aspects of development and the citizens must help to stop discrimination, she noted.

The focus of the seminar was on shifting the attention of Liberia political class, key actors at the local and international level on the importance of human right-based model for disabilities.

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