Awareness raising on how to resolve foday’s health With reference to the above :

Foday Kamara who is an hearing impaired person in the 55 community in Waterloo has never been abled to enjoy the full fundamental right of freedom and because of this reason and other community discrimination has brought serious problem like madness up on Foday.

Today 23th October at 10am the DPO’s and other civil society organizations of this community held an awareness raising meeting with a great concerned by raising an alam to the present rulling government for them to give their full support in the health area of Foday.
However,the people from this community believe that if this problem is not slove other disabled persons can also be affected.

Discussions and other legal actions points were assigned by some stakeholders on how they’re going to book an appointment and arrange extra meeting with the ministry of health, commission, NGO’s and INGO’s.


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