As the United Nations General Assembly through its resolution declared every June 13 for observance of International Albinism Awareness Day through out the world, today, an Association Of Gambia Albino (AGA) converged in GOVI Complex with other well wishers in commemoration of this important day for Persons With Albinism.

In this Session, audience were reminded that, in early 2000, Albinos were subject of violent attack, inhuman degrading treatment and murder in Tanzania where body parts of Albinos were prayed and used for chams and other superstious beliefs. It was as a conquence of the foregoing cruelties against Albinos that Tanzania Albinism Society with other interested NGOS joined the crusade to fight for the human rights of Albinos.
President of Association Of Gambia Albinos Mr. Jubairu Janneh reminded the audience including parents of Persons With Albinism that, Albinism is not a curse but a creation from genes. He urged those with misconceptions against Albinos to now change their perceptions about Albinos.
President of Gambia Federation Of The Disabled Magistrate Muhammed Krubally said, it is significant to commemorate this day for Persons With Albinism. He said today is rasing awareness for the rights of Albinos and their human rights and to stand in solidarity with them including celebrating their successes and achievements all over the world. He told the audience that, Gambia Federation Of The Disabled will always stand with Persons With Albinism including in general, the rights of Persons With Disabilities.
One of the Persons With Albinism, Ms. Ancha Sarr delivered Vote of thanks wherein she emphasized more on awareness-raising and educating parents and society to understand albinism. She said in so far as dertermintion is concerned, Persons With Albinism can excel.

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